Let's create your dream home, office or business based in your needs, style and budget.
We will take care from start to end! We will experience and enjoy the design process together!
interior designer meeting

1. On site or online meeting:

It is where we define the client needs and the budget, that is in other words,  what are the works to be made and the quantity we could invest on it, which is a key to have the proper interior in terms of design and functionality.

After this meeting, we prepare the design fees quote to move forward and as soon is accepted we start working on the project.

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Conceptual design

2. Conceptual design:

We start working with the first ideas that are exposed with sketches, floor plans and material boards with reference images to define the style of the interior design project.

Moodboard is a presentation with a collage of the items and finishes that would help better understand the design intent.

Once this first design is proposed, if the owner agrees, we keep working on this proposal. In case there is not 100% what the client is looking for we keep working focused on client intention.

In addition we like working with 3d visualization that’s why we offer 3D images of the property from different points of views and spaces. These renders would help you to see how your home is going to look.

In this phase we will create your dream home together and we could add or change items, finishes, textures, anything we need so the project will be totally bespoken and unique.

detailed design

3. Project development:

In this stage of the interior design project are involved the plans and elevations, 2d distribution of the spaces, materials proposal, furniture selection and decorative elements. Besides that we make 3d images of the project to help the customer comprehension where the client can appreciate in a better way the design and the purpose of it.

interior design services

4. Interior details definition:

Once the distribution is approved we will define all the materials, sizes and finishes of flooring tiles, claddings, kitchen materials, faucets, sanitary ware, kitchen and bathroom furniture, wardrobes details and decorative elements.

All the ideas and constructive solutions will become in technical and detailed plans with engineered down to the last millimetre. We will make the electrical plans, plumbing plans, technical details and materials calculations.

Trades and providers proposal: we make a complete list of all the project details such as furniture list, items, accessories including the references, materials and finishes, quantities and prices. Furthermore, to realize the project, we work with different suppliers and trades that we will propose to you thereby having a complete coordination of the interior design project.

project management

5. Project management:

Event though all the plans are detailed, the suppliers and trades always have additional questions that we sort out while we supervise the project.

Purchasing management: we are responsible of buying all the materials needed for making the project. As well as the supervision of the deliveries and the installation of them. We also follow-up all the materials and in case something comes broken or in another finish different to the requested we are in touch with the factories to solve it.